Guess Who’s Back, Back Again?

All About That Pace is back, tell a friend. So, you know what this all means …Boston 2016, babes! That’s right, I’m running the Boston Marathon (again?).

As many of you know, I was supposed to run the marathon last year, but due to a stress fracture, I had to sit it out. That’s old news now (if you want more information, check out the old blog), and it’s time to focus on crossing that finish line on April 18, 2016.

You’re probably wondering, how did she do it? Did she qualify? Is she running for a charity? Did she offer up her first born son for a bib? No, yes, no. I was accepted on to the Tufts Medical Center Marathon Team! This year, not only am I tackling 26.2 miles, I am also tackling another $5,000 fundraising goal. I’m currently trying to figure out which of the two is more frightening, but I’m going to make those training runs my bitch (sorry, nana) and fundraise like it’s my job (oh, wait…).

I’ll be posting here with updates on training and fundraising, as well as general life posts, because sometimes my life can comical, or so I’ve been  told. I hope you’ll follow along and I promise it will be entertaining!

I’ll see you on April 18th, Boston Marathon finish line. Because crossing this never goes out of style. 

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